On-Demand Live Training Webinars


Create the perfect combination of quality live training webinars that compliment your organizational or personal professional advancement and training agenda while adhering to the latest quality standards and regulatory requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.

With On-Demand live training, you may now design your own custom private training programs by selecting from a list of over 100 ready-made live courses to meet your specific training requirements. The On-Demand live training method also allows you to have your interactive live training courses scheduled privately on dates and times convenient for your team, eliminating the boundaries of time zones and geographical locations.

Pharma Webinar live training webinar and multi-part live training programs can be delivered as either stand-alone live training courses, or combined to create a custom comprehensive private live training series to meet your training requirements.


• Cost effective and convenient, private live training webinars can be scheduled and delivered with minimum delay and at a much lower cost than onsite training.
• There is no limit to the number of attendees or log ins for each live training webinar or multi-part training program. Train a group, department, site, or your entire company for one cost effective fee.
• Convenient access enables attendance and real time participation together from one, or multiple locations at the same time.
• All live training webinars and programs are instructor led courses. Designed and delivered based on e-learning best practices ensuring that they are as effective as in person training.
• Live delivery ensures that all live training webinars and programs are engaging and informative, allowing trainees to exchange ideas through audio conferencing and live chat during each presentation in real time.
• Each live training webinar includes a dedicated live Q&A period allowing trainees to interact directly with the instructor, with quick feedback providing concrete understanding of the answers and the training subject itself.
• Live training webinar and program content is updated on regular basis to provide the latest regulatory, operational and technological trends in the international pharmaceutical arena.
•As regulatory expectations, guidance, or industry trends change, so does our training in order to reflect those changes as soon as the changes are released.
• All attendees can receive written answers to their questions after each presentation by simply submitting any follow up questions via email if required.
• Studies show those who may not comfortably interact during an in-person training session may be more inclined to interact via audio or written chat during a live e-training session.
• Instructors are the most recognized subject matter experts in their respective fields selected on very strict qualification criteria.
•Instructors are coached on the latest e-learning delivery methods in order to make each presentation effective, engaging, and memorable.
• Each registered attendee receives an exact copy of the presentation slides and other course handouts significantly reducing the learning curve as trainees may refer back to this material in the future.
• All trainees receive a Certificate of Attendance for each live training webinar and program they attend to keep for training records.
• All trainees receive live technical support if required before and during each presentation.

How it works:

• View the list of live training webinars by clicking the "Upcoming Live Webinars" navigation tab.
• Course numbers are listed on the top right corner of each live webinar's page. Take a note the course titles and the course numbers you are interested in having scheduled privately for your team.
• Complete and submit the On-Demand Live Training Program registration form below to schedule and deliver one or multiple live training webinars of your choice privately for your team.
• Once the On-Demand live training webinar registration form is completed and submitted, you will receive an email confirming your purchase and a receipt of payment if payment was made by credit card or an invoice if the payment method is by Electronic/Bank Transfer or Purchase Order.
• A Pharma Webinars' representative will contact you shortly after to schedule a delivery date according to your group's preference by providing you with a list of available dates and times to choose from in order to have your training program scheduled.
• Attendees will receive their login ID as well as an electronic copy of the presentation slides via email 48 business hours prior to each live training webinar.

Thank you for choosing Pharma Webinars.

“Professional development and technical training through exclusively interactive, instructor-led, real time online training programs which highlight the most recent regulatory expectations and operational trends in the Pharmaceutical industry.”