Organizational Membership

Pharma Webinars' Organizational Membership is company-wide membership and provides convenient access for an unlimited number of trainees to over 100 live instructor-led GMP training programs for a period of 12 months for one cost-effective yearly fee.

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Pharma Webinars continues to expand its portfolio of live training programs allowing the efficient delivery of the most effective regulatory and operational online training in the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industry. Numerous pharmaceutical companies large and small have incorporated Pharma Webinars' live training programs into their annual training practices. In order to streamline this process, Pharma Webinars offers a convenient and cost effective Membership enabling participation in Pharma Webinars’ live training programs to be more efficient, as well as more time and cost-effective. Organizational Membership provides easy access to all live training webinars and mutli-part live training programs offered by Pharma Webinars for a period of 12 months for one cost effective yearly fee.


Organizational Membership Benefits Include:

• An unlimited number of trainees may attend any (or all) scheduled live training webinars and multi-part training programs (over 100 live training programs per year).

• There is no limit to the number of live webinars or multi-part training programs that trainees may attend during the validity of the membership.

• There is no limit to the number of individual attendees that are able to participate in the live webinars or multi-part training programs using a single log in attending from the same physical location. Multiple locations may participate in the same live webinar simultaneously if multiple logins are purchased.

• Flexibe, convenient access. Additional connections (log ins) maybe be purchased and used from the same or separate physical locations so that mutliple groups may attend the same training simultaneously.

• Email reminders for members regarding upcoming training. You may submit a list of group members whom you would like to have receive email reminders about available live webinars and we will set up your team to receive automatic email reminders regarding upcoming webinars and multi-part live training programs

• Each individual live training webinar participant will receive an electronic certificate of attendance for each live webinar that they have attended.

• All trainees receive an exact copy of the speaker's presentation slides as well as any other course materials included in each live training webinar that they are registered for.

• Each live training webinar includes a 30 minute live Q&A period which serves as a virtual consulting session for members who have specific technical questions pertaining to topic at hand. Members can also submit their questions directly to the instructors after each live training webinar to have it answered in written format.

• There are no deadlines for members to register for a live training webinar. They may register up to the time that the live webinar presentation begins.

• Pharma Webinars continuously expands its portfolio of live training webinars and programs allowing the efficient delivery of the highest quality and most effective regulatory & operational live online training in the pharmaceutical and allied industries.

• Pharma Webinars training webinars and programs are presented exclusively as live events only.

• Designed and delivered based on e-learning best practices, Pharma Webinars' live training webinars and programs are as effective as in person training.

• Live training webinars and multi-part training programs are strictly educational, and do not promote, sell, or endorse any products or services whatsoever.

• All Pharma Webinars live training webinars and programs are instructor led courses.

• Live presentations ensure that all live training webinars and programs are engaging and informative, allowing trainees to exchange ideas through audio conferencing and live chat during each presentation in real time. Each live training session includes a dedicated live Q&A period allowing trainees to interact directly with the instructor, with quick feedback providing them with concrete understanding of the answers and the training subject itself.

• Each Pharma Webinars live training webinar and program content is updated on regular basis to provide the latest regulatory, operational and technological trends in the international pharmaceutical arena. As regulatory expectations, guidance, or industry trends change, so does our training in order to reflect those changes as soon as the changes are released.

• Studies show that people that would not comfortably interact during a physical training session may be more inclined to interact via audio or chat during a live e-training session.

• Pharma Webinars' instructors are the most recognized subject matter experts in the industry who are selected based on very strict qualification criteria. They are coached on the latest e-learning speaking methods in order to make each presentation engaging, memorable and very effective.

How to Sign Up for Organizational Membership:

1. Complete and submit the following Organizational Membership registration form.
2. Once the form is submitted you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain a receipt for payment if paid by credit card or an invoice if membership is to be paid by Electronic/Bank Transfer or Purchase Order.
3. Start using your Organizational Member ID to register immediately for any live training webinars or multi-part training programs of your choice through the “Member Registration” link provided on each live training program’s agenda page.
4. To add additional log ins to your membership, simply select how many additional connections you would like to add to your membership on the registration form below.



"The live webinar was very useful to our team, the content was relevant and the instructor was very knowledgeable" QC Microbiology Supervisor, NJ

"We were very satisfied with the live presentation; we appreciated the speaker staying on to answer all of our questions" QA Director, MA

"Our group enjoyed the live presentation and found the experience much more engaging and worthwhile than any recorded webcasts" Sr Training Manager, CA

"This was my first live training, I found it easy to connect, participate and very useful" Laboratory Analyst, PA

"We had our entire department attend this training program and found it to be very useful, I am very satisfied with the speaker's ability to keep the audience engaged" QC Manager, NY

"Given how recent the content of the webinar was, our team members were very happy with the relevance of the training" VP Clinical Operations, CA

"Is my first time to attend training, I enjoy it very much" Sr Manager, Korea

"Our department found the level of interactivity between the audience and the instructor far beyond that of any other online training that we have attended before. Well done" Director Regulatory Affairs, ON

"Our interest group was spread out over three locations and we were able to participate simultaneously and interact very easily" Lead Compliance Manager, IL

"Well satisfied with the presentation. Our team found the speaker's level of knowledge and his ability to translate that knowledge to our processes very valuable" VP Quality Operations, NC

"We were impressed with the quality of the presentation, and despite our being located in Europe we were able to participate without a hitch" QC Manager, Ireland

The ease of scheduling a webinar is so appreciated. The variety of offerings is ideal for the professionals at our company. Many of the live webinars are attended by folks from QA/RA, QC, validation, production and the microbiology areas. They seem to be value added considering the price paid and the time our employees have to spend away from their responsibilities is valuable trade off. We are so glad we purchased the year license, even more of a value for our company.
— Madeline K