2019 Pharmaceutical Cleaning Validation 17-Part Live Training Program Registration Form:
Registration is still open for the remaining 16 parts of this 17-part live training program.

Program dates are as follows:
Part 1: Tuesday March 26, 2019- Basic Limit Setting for Cleaning Validation Protocols and the Latest Regulatory Expectations (Completed)
Part 2: Thursday March 28, 2019 - Cleaning Validation - Chemical Analytical Methods, Analytical Method Validation & Latest Regulatory Expectations
Part 3: Tuesday April 23, 2019 - Sampling Methods and Sampling Recoveries for Cleaning Validation & 2019 Regulatory Expectations
Part 4: Thursday April 25, 2019 - Microbiological Issues in Cleaning Validation and How to Control Bioburden
Part 5: Tuesday May 21, 2019 - Grouping Strategies for Cleaning Validation - Using Science and Data-Driven Grouping Approaches to Effectively Accomplish Cleaning Validation & Regulatory Recommendations
Part 6: Thursday May 23, 2019 - Cleaning Validation - Maintaining Cleaning Processes in a “State of Control” & Understanding Vital Validation Maintenance Procedures
Part 7: Tuesday June 18, 2019 - Examining Regulatory Requirements for: Cleaning Validation Overview, Life Cycle Approach for Cleaning Validation, Design and Development of Cleaning Processes and Cleaning Validation Protocols and Reports
Part 8: Tuesday July 16, 2019 - Examining Regulatory Requirements for: Setting Limits and Analytical Methods and Method Validation
Part 9: Tuesday August 13, 2019- Examining Regulatory Requirements for: Sampling and Sampling Recovery, Dirty Hold Time, Clean Hold Time, Microbiological Issues and Validation Maintenance
Part 10: Tuesday September 24, 2019 - Cleaning Validation; Utilizing “Health-Based” Limits, Toxicological Evaluation VS. Dose-Base Criterion, Examination of ISPE Approach and EMA’s New Dedication Guidance
Part 11: Thursday September 26, 2019 - Utilizing “Health-Based” Limits for Cleaning Validation; Practical Considerations in Implementing “Health-Based” Limits into Protocols
Part 12: Tuesday October 22, 2019 - Cleaning Validation; Dealing with “Indirect Product Contact Surfaces” and “Non-Product Contact Surfaces” & Regulatory Recommendations
Part 13: Thursday October 24, 2019- Cleaning Validation; Issues in the Use of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) as an Analytical Technique
Part 14: Tuesday November 19, 2019 - Cleaning Validation; Understanding Variations on Expression of Limits and Special Cases in Setting Residue Limits & Regulatory Concerns
Part 15: Thursday November 21, 2019 - Cleaning Validation; Design of Automated & Manual Cleaning Processes & Latest Regulatory Requirements
Part 16: Tuesday December 10, 2019- Cleaning Validation: Issues in the Validation of Manual and Automated Cleaning Processes & Latest Regulatory References
Part 17: Thursday December 12, 2019- Cleaning Validation: Dealing with Dedicated Equipment and with Campaigns

Each portion of the program will be held at 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM ET (New York Time)

Your registration includes:
• A copy of the copyright presentation slides and/or other reference materials for each registered attendee.
• Answers to your questions during the live presentation.
• Access to a 30 minute live Q&A and consulting session after each live presentation.
• An e-Certificate of Training for each individual attendee’s training records.

* Registration fees are on an individual, per person/attendee basis whether trainees are attending together from a conference room or from separate locations.
* Early registration is strongly recommended as space for each live training webinar is limited to preserve presentation and group participation quality during the live Q&A portion of each live training webinar. All Pharma Webinars live training programs audio and visual are delivered via Cisco WebEx with basic system requirements of a computer with internet access and a telephone to access the audio portion of the presentations. You may choose to access the audio through your computer.

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16-Part Live Training Program Registration Fees:
Single Attendee: $ 2,995.00- 2 Attendees: $ 4,795.00 - 3 Attendees: $ 5,995.00 - 4 Attendees: $ 6,895.00 - 5 Attendees: $ 7,695.00 - 6 Attendees: $ 8,195.00 - 7 Attendees: $ 8,795.00 - 8 Attendees: $ 9,595.00 - 9 Attendees: $ 10,195.00 - 10 Attendees: $ 10,695.00 - Group over 10 Attendees: $ 995.00 per Attendee

Instructor: Destin A. LeBlanc

Instructor: Destin A. LeBlanc


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 "The live webinar was very useful to our team, the content was relevant and the instructor was very knowledgeable" QC Microbiology Supervisor, NJ

  "We were very satisfied with the live presentation; we appreciated the speaker staying on to answer all of our questions" QA Director, MA

  "Our group enjoyed the live presentation and found the experience much more engaging and worthwhile than any recorded webcasts" Sr Training Manager, CA

  "This was my first live training, I found it easy to connect, participate and very useful" Laboratory Analyst, PA

  "We had our entire department attend this training program and found it to be very useful, I am very satisfied with the speaker's ability to keep the audience engaged" QC Manager, NY

  "Given how recent the content of the webinar was, our team members were very happy with the relevance of the training" VP Clinical Operations, CA

  "Is my first time to attend training, I enjoy it very much" Sr Manager, Korea

  "Our department found the level of interactivity between the audience and the instructor far beyond that of any other online training that we have attended before. Well done" Director Regulatory Affairs, ON

  "Our interest group was spread out over three locations and we were able to participate simultaneously and interact very easily" Lead Compliance Manager, IL

  "Well satisfied with the presentation. Our team found the speaker's level of knowledge and his ability to translate that knowledge to our processes very valuable" VP Quality Operations, NC

  "We were impressed with the quality of the presentation, and despite our being located in Europe we were able to participate without a hitch" QC Manager, Ireland